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Jewelry Studio

Experience the world of personalized 3D jewelry, where your imagination takes shape.

Welcome to aWorld of Creativityand crafts

At ORMELIS we are passionate about creating unique experiences for our clients. Whether you are looking for exclusive jewelry that complements your elegance or tailored clothing that reflects your personal style.

Create Your Legacy

At ORMELIS, we offer you more than a jewel; We give you the opportunity to create your own legacy.

The most special thing is that we capture the entire manufacturing process in a short video, from the conception of the 3D design to its final manufacturing finish so you can witness how your jewelry comes to life, carrying with it your style and elegance over time.

Join us and discover how we turn your dreams into reality.

dibujo anillo eternity

1- Project YourIdea

At ORMELIS we make your jewelry starting from a drawing or reference image. If you do not yet have the model defined, we will also advise you.

How does it work?

2- 3D Design

Use of 3D design software to create the model of the jewel until we achieve the satisfaction of our end client.

Impresión 3D anillo eternity

3- 3D printing

Creation of a resin prototype based on the 3D design already approved by the client to obtain a tangible representation before final manufacturing

Fundición anillo eternity

4- Foundry

The 3D model or resin prototype is used to create a casting mold.
Molten metal is poured into the mold to create the base of the jewelry.

Pulimento de anillo eternity

5- Polish

Initial polishing to smooth surfaces and highlight the details of the design, making it suitable for setting gemstones.

Montura de piedra y acabados de anillo eternity

6- Mountstones

Placing gems on the jewelry, making sure they are secure and highlight the aesthetic of the design. (1).png

create yourLegacy today!

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